Week 3: Artist Conversation Kelvin Lopez

Artist: Kelvin Lopez

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Medium: Printmaking

Undergraduate: Printmaking BFA

Instagram: klart760

Facebook: facebook.com/klart760

About the Artist:

Kelvin is from San Diego and he acquired his AA from San Diego. He transferred here to Long Beach for a Bachelors in Fine Arts. He does non-academic arts and focuses on underground art. He came from a painting background and moved more towards printmaking. He has always been interested in art and he never really had the resources that he does now. He has a big imagination and his will sit somewhere and start drawing things. He focuses on crystals and he likes to turn things from what you see into what you feel in your personal life. Personal life motivates his work and he is very environmental friendly and he practices what he preaches.He holds crystals close to him because he feels a special connection with him. He thinks that personal life is the best subject matter and he incorporates his cousins and his dog into multiple pieces of art. He does look to other artists for influences and has a few favorite artists that do effect his art.

Content Analysis

His ex girlfriend introduced him into crystals and thats where it all started. He had a professor that gave him a green onyx from Argentina and the green onyx is suppose to make all your desires come true. And ever since then he started collected crystals and research the meaning behind them. And this all influenced his art and him being very spiritual influences most of his art pieces. Most of his art includes a crystal of some sort for the many reasons I explained above. His favorite thing about art, is the experience people have when they look at his art and him being able to explain what that actually meaning is.

My Experience

From my personal experience, I have always found crystals fascinating. From talking with Kelvin he has opened my eyes to the meaning behind crystals and will defiantly research their meaning and the importances behind them. His pieces were very interesting and I could see the spiritual importance behind each piece for him.



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