Week 4: Artist Conversation

Artists: Elmer Guevara / Robert Nehemiah

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Undergraduate: Drawing and Painting BFA

Instagram: w00kiewarrior

About the Artist:

Robert: Robert has always had a love for painting. Growing up he studied and always planned to become a firefighter until he love for painting took over. He originally attended a city college in Whittier and then transferred hear to Long Beach. He currently is a senior and plans to continue schooling and get his masters. Elmer was born and raised in LA and also transferred to California State University Long Beach from a local city college.

Content Analysis:

As I continued to talk with Robert he revealed to me that this happen to be his first larger scale gallery showing. He also stated that through his gallery he wanted to reach a common ground between the artists. When walking through the gallery you can easily tell which artists created each piece. Roberts pieces were all very figurine pieces on very strange and irregular objects. Whereas Elmers pieces were very abstract larger pieces on common rectangular surfaces. Robert used an example of his cardboard piece to illustrate the meaning between length of life. On his cardboard piece was a picture of his grandma. He stated that his grandma is getting older and just like his cardboard piece it has an expiration date and will not last forever.

My Experience:

The experience I had in this art gallery was amazing. I defiantly felt the connection between what the pieces symbolized and what is currently going on in my life. I believe that both artists did a fantastic job in portray there pieces and it was an awesome experience and viewing. IMG_2141.JPGIMG_2143.JPG



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