Week 5 Artist Conversation

Artist: Emily Barnett

Gallery: Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: emily_b_anne

About the Artist: Emily was originally from Northern California and graduated from Humboldt State. She is now attending California State University Long beach for post grad in Printmaking. She wants to make people aware to mental health issues since she suffers from anxiety and depression and you can see this in a lot of her work.

Content Analysis:

Most of Emily’s art focuses on issues of mental health. She wants to give the feeling and illusion of what it would feel like living with anxiety. The pictures that she produces are feelings that she has experienced in her past and she has a clear visual mission with every painting that was presented.

My Experience:

I found it very interesting after talk with Emily and then re looking at her pieces of art and you can then see what she was trying to show. Although I have not experience many of these issues I do find them very interesting and I loved what she was trying to express with each and every painting.



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