Week 6: Art Discussion


I will first start by saying that I found this pieces very interesting and I’m going to have to relate it to something personally going on in my life. As you can see I have attached a picture of my dog that is currently 1 year old. Yeah she may be the most beautiful dog in the world (might be biased) but boy let me tell how hard it is to raise a puppy and this is where this art pieces comes into play. In my dreams at night I have nightmares of that exact art piece but with on my dog, (Paddy) being the dog involved. She is would tear down a city with light rays coming out of her eyes if she could. Although she is a puppy this little thing can take town a whole city if she wanted. Just wanted to relate that portray to my beautiful puppy that is a lot to handle but the cutes/ sweetest dogs in the world. (Again might be a little biased)



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