Week 7: Artist Discussion


Artist: Elena Roznovan

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Academics: Grad Student Sculpture

Instagram: eronznova

About the Artist:

Elena Roznovan is currently a grad student at California State University, Long Beach focusing in Sculpture. She attended her undergrad in Baltimore Maryland. And she was born and raise in Moldavia. The reason she moved to California is because she was inspired by light and space art and it originated in California. One of her favorite artists that influenced her is Larry Bell. She plans to apply for residency and explore more of this country.

Content Analysis:

Elena Roznova focuses her are on video installations. She states that for many it a mediation process and she wants the world to slow down and observe more. The are for her to have people slow down and pay more attention and notice the phenomenons in the world. Writing is a big part of the way she things and the things she writes about has a big influence on her art pieces. She would love to portray this art in an art gallery and hopes she will be able to portray it in some shows.

My Experience:

I personally loved the video art installation that was show. It was very interesting and very different from much of the art we see every day. For me, it did slow the pace of my day and had me observe more about what is going on in the piece. It was an awesome demonstration art and had never heard or seen a video installation like this before and I loved it!


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