Week 9: Artist Conversation

Artist: David DeSabtis

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlin Gallery

About the Artist: David started at a young age drawing, but didn’t realize wanted to pursue it until he turned 18. He use to draw motorcycles grown up. He considers himself an Adrenaline juice and loves to listen to dubstep. He choose Long Beach for art because he believes the Long Beach has one of the top art programs on the west coast. He has been in a couple other exhibits but this is his first full showing.

Content Analysis:

As described by David his work, “is class of experimentations on figurative imagery and expressive mark making. He states that the art since it is abstract can have multiple connotations, and have a different meaning to each and every person that looks at his piece. As you can see with some of his pieces, music inspires a lot of what he does and paints.

My Experience:

I really enjoyed Davids gallery and his showing. And this photo that I have attached bellow is my favorite piece by far. Every time I get another look at it I see or interrupt something different then I had before and I can see where he is coming from where everyone can have their own meaning for the piece. His gallery was very interesting and one of my favorites.



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