Artist Conversation Week 11

Artist: Yulia Gu

Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA

Media: Graphic Design

Gallery: Dutzi

Website: LinkedIn – Yujia gu &

About Artist:

Yujia is a graduate student her at California State University, Long Beach and she is hoping to get her Masters in Fine Arts. She has always loved graphic decision and she has decided to focus on graphic design in her MFA program. She was originated not born in the States and her mother was worried that her coming to America would scary because of all the gun violence.

Content Analysis:

Yujias purpose of her exhibition is to bring awareness to people about how serious the gun violence in America actually is. She has done a lot of research on the topic of gun violence and she wants to bring awareness to how to prevent such violence in America as well as bring awareness to train and learn how to properly use such a weapon.

My Experience:

I found her exhibition to be very interesting. This topic in America is highly debated one and I find it very interesting. I believe that America can do a lot more to protect but also train people how to properly use a weapon. IMG_2459.JPGIMG_2458.JPG


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