Week 12: Artist Discussion

Artist: Alice Andreini

Website: Andreiniart.com

Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Gallery: Max L. gator Gallery

About Artist:

Alice was born in Minnesota in which she attended a college for her undergrad in set designing and creating scenic paintings. Alice is currently a drawing and painting major with a minor in Studio Practices here at California State University, Long Beach. Alice hopes to become a teacher her at CSULB and provide for future college students.

Content Analysis:

Alises has always been interested in art but finally took initiative and started to actual designer her art pieces. She decided to take everyday seen images such as streets or parks and turned them into also a futuristic or imaginary scene with bright and beautiful colors. Her art pieces although were pictures of every day sights were also very abstract and interesting, contains lots of squares and straight lines.

Personal Observation:

I personally really enjoyed walking through Alice’s exhibit and I found her art pieces very interesting and beautiful. I find myself attracted to art pieces that are bright and colorful and thats exactly was was shown in her exhibit. I also found myself staring and trying to figure out her art pieces that triformed in my imagination from a skate park to a park with a waterfall. Pretty weird considering I’m sure no one else saw what I was imagine but found it very exciting and fun.


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