Week 13: Artist Conversation

Artist: Laura Lopex

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Exhibition: Selvatica

Media: Oil Paints and Canvas

About the Artist:

Laura is currently a senior at California State University, Long each. She getting her bachelors degree in architecture and and MFA in painting and drawing. She is originally from Colombia and she go much of her ideas for her paintings for the nature and experiences she as seen and experienced. Laura expressed that she had quite a few hobbies some of them being singing and dancing.

Content Analysis:

Much of Laura’s paintings that were illustrated in her gallery consisted of imagines or scenes taking place in a jungle. Much of the scenes depicted are experiences that she has visualized from trips she has taken in the Jungle. Her art also depicted very bright and beautiful colors. Her animation of animals and trees were also very abstract with a lot of beautiful detail.

Personal Observation:

I personally loved Laura’s gallery and all of her paintings I believe were beautiful and almost all of the caught my eye. I stood and observed her gallery for quite some time and it has been one of my favorite galleries thus far. Thank you Laura for such a great experience. Wish I could view it again next week!



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