Weel 14: Art Activity

This art activity I truly enjoyed. I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed the sketching part that much since I am so horrible at it but more the experience and the relaxing of the Japanese Garden, what a beautiful place. As you will see from some of my sketches you can really make out what exactly is going on in the picture, well because I have the drawings capability of a 4th grader but I gave it my best shoot haha. In my illustrations I had a drawing of lilley pads in which they were laid out on the water, a big tree that I found beautiful, illustrations of the bridges that I found awesome, an umbrella, and a general drawing of the pond from my position sitting on the rock. As mentions, there was not one time that I erased a line in which I believe helped my quite a bit. If I had started erasing lines I probably would still be standing in the Japanese Garden the next day on the first drawing. It was an awesome experience and I thank you for the opportunity to attend the Gardens and will continue to do so in the future!



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