Week 15: Art Activity

Future Possibility #1

So this first possibility in reality is probably my most likely and practical option of them all. I can see myself perusing what I am currently majoring in college and that would be Finance and Supply Chain Management. I currently have an internship at Boeing and can see myself working for Boeing for quite some time in there Supply Chain Management department. Honestly I could not be more excited for this option if it does come to reality. In a few years I would hope to move up the corporate latter and fulfill a more important management position with much more responsibility. The evaluation I would give for this future opportunity would probably be confidence. I would feel much more confident and have a secure feeling and not worrying about the future as much.

Future Possibility #2

My next possibility for my future if what I have currently going on in my life disappears tomorrow would probably to attend school for another 4 years and graduate with an Engineers degree. I have always kind of dreamed of majoring in Engineering my whole life and am almost a little bummed I switched my major Freshman year from Aerospace Engineering to Finance. I would love to work at an engineering firm, working on some awesome airplane or satellite in which was my personal design. How awesome would that be. Something that you created that was beneficial to people around the world. For my evolution of this future possibility it would be Impact. The feeling of making an noticeable impact would just be amazing.

Future Possibility #3

And my next possibility for the future if I had to never worry about money would be to travel a whole lot and start my own business. Not exactly sure what I would start but I can promise you it would be something awesome ahahah. That always has been a dream of mine and I hope to someday do it when the funds provide it. Something about being your open boss and have a direct correlation between how much effort you put in and the success of your business is just an awesome concept that you can’t always attain in the corporate world. I will say that for the rapid prototyping part of this future possibility, I have spoken a lot with a few of my dads entrepreneur¬†friends which are very success and they have opening my mind to living more on the edge and to never turn down any idea. I speak with the frequently and they are of much help. The ev


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